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I purchased three vests from YOUnique Scrubs more than three years ago....these items were literally worn and washed weekly over those years and have managed to maintain their shape, comfort and color. As I am starting a new job this year, I will be ordering long lab coats with my name embroidered near the lapel.

YOUnique Scrubs are reasonably priced, custom made, and very durable. I liked how the pockets were perfectly placed for easy access, and I appreciated that there were no labels to cut out of the neckline--the labels are sewn inconspicuously right into the item. It takes quality fabric to withstand the work we do! It is so nice to have something stylish and fitted perfectly just for me, why wouldn't I wear it every week? Great work YOUnique Scrubs!
~Chrissy-St. Louis, Mo

My scrub tops came in the mail today and they are awesome! They fit perfectly. Make sure you keep my measurements handy because anytime I need more scrubs, I'll be ordering from you. As soon as I have a chance I'll take some pictures and email them to you. Thanks again!
~Teena- Houston, TX

Hi MaryAnn,
I received my scrub top today and I absolutely love the style and the fabric is adorable and the sewing is perfect. However, there is a mark on the pink trim fabric where the v-neck comes together. It looks like a blue pencil mark about 2-inches long. It goes through to the underlying piece of trim. I wasn’t sure if this was just a marking pencil used in sewing and it would wash out.
I’m so glad that you like your shirt; it is nice to hear one way or the other, so I know how we are doing.
I’m sorry I should have mentioned the blue marking, maybe on your invoice or something. It will come out when washing; it is just used for sewing purposes.
Hi MaryAnn,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You also have great customer service. I have recommended your company to everyone I work with.
~Kristine-Bedford, NH

I just completed a transaction on a hunter green empire waist top. I am so happy; your website was the only one I could find to make an empire waist top in that color! Now I don't have to look like a blob for my new job!
Thank You,
~Brandy-Charleston, SC

I am interested in ordering a lab coat through your youniquescrubs.com website but had some questions.

The coat would be a gift for my wife, who teaches high school science - she is very into dogs, hence the "customizations" I'm interested in:
1. is it possible to have embroidery done besides lettering? It would be great to have a dog bone or a paw print embroidered on the pocket. OR
2. Do the lab coats only come in white or can they be made from the custom fabrics (I'm thinking "dog bones on red")?
I would like to use the "bone" buttons; please
My wife really likes the lab coat - fits fine! Thank you very much!
~Don-Hampden, MN

I was looking for Scrubs made of Mardi Gras fabric and couldn’t find any, but found your site online and found out that I could send in my own fabric. I love my Mardi Gras Scrub Jacket! I have told several people about your site already!
~Donna- Bronx, NY 

I was helping my friend, who is a dog groomer, to look for a particular animal printed fabric, and came across your website. We ordered some great puppy related fabrics as samples, it was very easy, and the website is great!
~Joni- Phoenix, AZ

 have been having scrubs made by MaryAnn and her company for 15 years. I have over 20 holiday jackets and several with my favorite sport teams. I LOVE that I can order them anyway that i want (shorter, longer, snaps, zippers, etc.) and she provides EXCELLENT customer service.
~ Trudy - N.C.

I received my Scrub Skirts today, and absolutely loved them! They fit wonderfully. I think I like them even more than the last batch you made me!
~Wanda -M.O.

Thank you so much Maryann. I know I will love them!!( speaking of her scrub sets) As always it is a pleasure doing business with you.
Stacey~ Texas

MaryAnn...LOOOOOOVED the jackets!!!! I am going to order a couple more for sure. Thank you!!
Tiffin~ Arkansas

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