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We pride ourselves in the quality, and custom craftsmanship of our custom scrubs.

All of our custom scrub orders are processed, designed, and shipped from St. Louis, MO. While the places you can order your scrub uniforms from to meet the requirements of your doctor’s office, hospital, medical lab, dental lab, dental office, or wherever you work, may be endless, we provide a YOUnique fit and experience. 

All of our scrub attire are custom-fitted scrubs and lab jackets;

so no matter where you work, or what your size, we can ensure quality made, professional, custom-fit scrubs for your everyday needs. We understand that not everyone is built the same. Therefore, each pair of scrubs needs to be YOUnique. We want you to feel comfortable in your scrub attire whether you’re tall, short, heavy-set, petite, have long arms, have short legs, have a large bust, a small bust, need extra room for your hips, or extra belly room. We get it! We have a fabulous step-by-step measuring system that will ensure your scrubs come specifically fit to your body type.

Maternity Scrubs

This also includes maternity scrubs for all of you Moms-to-be! If you have to be on your feet all day, you at least need a pair of pregnancy scrubs that fits you well. Like any other body type, a pregnant woman should have scrubs custom-fit to her body; not a one size fits all pair of maternity scrubs!

We tailor to your personality too!

 Not only do all of our scrubs come custom-fitted to your body type, but you can also pick out the style and  scrub print that best suites your personality. View our product line to see all the options we have for you!  Shop now to get custom-fit scrubs as YOUnique as you!

Some of the prints we offer, aside from traditional scrubs, are:

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