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Wear Your Love for Valentine’s Day (and Other Favorite Ways to Celebrate)


As someone once said, “We are not here on Earth to see through each other, we are here to see each other through.” Such a beautiful idea of love is especially important in any professional healthcare setting, for the well-being and happiness of medical staff, families, and – most of all – our patients.

It is not uncommon for the medical setting to become overbearing, emotionally charged or depressing for patients who are withstanding a long stay for an illness or disease, staff who work double or holiday shifts, and family and friends forgetting time to be with their sick loved ones. Which is exactly why all healthcare entities should be sure to celebrate the beloved Valentine’s Day this February 14th. In fact, many books and studies in healthcare today emphasize that celebrating such holidays encourages greater innovation and focus in staff, and improves patients’ outlook for the future and in satisfaction with the quality of care they are receiving. And, why wouldn’t it? Nothing is more healing than the feeling that someone in this great big world knows and loves you dearly.

But how do you show love? Especially towards patients and your fellow healthcare professionals? Stopping by our website, is one of the many ways to start spreading the love, along with some of these other great ideas to help your organization plan a festive and happy celebration that will be fondly remembered!


Plan Special Activities for Patients

For your patients, whether children or older adults, there for a day or are terminally ill; have staff work together to get creative and celebrate with Valentine’s Day themed activities.

The love of crafting doesn’t care about age or ability. Grab the construction paper, hot glue, sparkling glitters and paints, brushes and markers, scissors and feathers to create unforgettable cards for other patients and loved ones. Not only will they be fun and creative, each one will be truly unique and made straight from the heart.

Plus, invite each patient’s family and friends to help make cards for other healthcare facilities or special causes and treat them to a delicious, celebratory lunch that will be memorable to their loved ones. This, of course, is the perfect time to add some yummy treats to the festivities, like chocolate and/or cupcakes. As is recommended by dentists, try to stick with chocolate over sticky, chewy or hard candies that are poor for the health of your teeth and gums.

Want to celebrate with something more than cards and food? Talk to your head of staff about budgeting for stuffed animals and flowers that can be given to patients of all ages, and let them choose between a storybook or movie that features love or romance. Or, being aware of patients with allergies or phobias, see about having therapy dogs visiting patients to further boost their joy, love and happiness.

Involve and Support Healthcare Staff

For healthcare staff (nurses, doctors, specialists, volunteers, etc.), encourage them to get involved in Valentine’s Day festivities and show your love and appreciation for them too!

Collaborate to start a campaign or project that brings the whole medical facility together to further show their love for patients and their families. Match it with a special luncheon that has everyone create cards and wish each other love and happiness. For either, be sure to hold multiple events throughout the day, week or month; so, that everyone can join between shifts and items are sent in time for Valentine’s Day.

Yet, to get staff to get into the holiday spirit of Valentine’s Day, the perfect choice is finding the best celebratory scrubs. YOUnique Scrubs allows you to purchases all types of scrub tops and bottoms in bulk and with any print and design you desire, or you can simply purchase a gift certificate that will be emailed to each recipient so they can choose their own scrub design. Then let them truly wear their love, by strutting it for a Valentine’s Day fashion show and raise money for a great cause.

At YOUnique Scrubs, we welcome you to celebrate your Valentine’s Day [and every other holiday] with our high-quality and truly unique selection of colorful and printed scrub wear. Our currently featured Valentine’s themed scrub wear, includes the Valentine Round Neck Scrub Jacket in red and with lots of LOVE or our blue, pink, and beating-heart embroidered Valentine Criss Cross Scrub Top that are sure to turn heads.

Not finding the themed prints you were imagining for yourself to celebrate the holiday? Not finding the perfect gift or design your spouse will fall in love with? Let us know what you want and we will customize the fit, colors, fabric, embroidery, and anything else to make Valentine’s Day truly special! You can even send us the fabrics or designs that you want or request samples! YOUnique Scrubs wants to help you show your love throughout the year with the most affordable, fashionable, functional, and comfortable scrubs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your patients’ faces.

We’d absolutely love to make your Valentine’s Day special. Give us a call to order your custom scrubs at 314-691-7441, we guarantee you’ll love your scrub wear.

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