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Patients Only Judge me on my Skill Level, Right?


Most medical practitioners such as the nurses, and even doctors, choose scrubs as their working uniforms. In fact, the scrub set comprising of a loose top and pants is the standard uniform for medical professionals in the United States and in several other countries. Some hospitals have come up with uniform regulations that specify colors, cut, and fit. However, in most health-related institutions, medical professionals are allowed to wear scrubs of personal choice.

Since we live busy lives, I think we can all agree that we need to “keep it simple” when it comes to our work uniforms. In the business world, the term “dress for success” is a given. In our world, we hear “wear comfortable shoes”. Sometimes I fear we take it a step too far when it comes to comfort.

Have we become too relaxed in our appearance these days? Are our scrubs just that; old scrubs? Tennis shoes have also replaced those old, iconic, and impractical white nurse’s shoes. But are they tattered, worn, and heaven forbid, dingy? No caps adorn our curls or blow outs these days, but we know and understand that it wasn’t the cap that made the professional. It was the professional under the cap that was important.

Looks Do Matter

Studies have shown that our patients make a judgment call about us within sixty seconds of meeting us. In those few moments, they decide whether or not we are good at our job! What? Do you mean it matters what we look like? Don’t patients know the pressure we’re under? Don’t they understand the responsibilities we carry as health professionals? Our physical appearance should not be so important, but unfortunately, it is.

We know that looks are a poor way to judge one’s professional skills, but that is exactly how our patients determine our worth; shocking as it may be. Those studies have also shown that the first thing our patients look at is our smile...or lack of one. The second thing they seem to notice is our hair, then our scrubs, and then shoes. Wow! Truth hurts.

Professional Appearance

As much as we would like to think that looks don’t matter, we are wrong. They do matter. And because we are professionals in the medical field, we take pride in our appearance. It tells the world that we are indeed professionals. We care about our patients and our interaction with them. And last but not least, we help build a positive self-esteem, whether among ourselves or our patients. General appearance and hygiene are indicators of that.

It goes without saying, we’d all be worse off without medical professionals. Let’s just not leave any doubts about it among the general public. Let us remember that while we may wear comfort shoes these days, we must continue to portray ourselves as the health professionals that we are, and getting new scrubs can’t hurt! Below are some tips on how to: choose yours scrubs, maintain your scrubs, and know when you need to get rid of them.

First, make sure you know your employer’s policies on scrub cuts, colors, and patterns.

Does your employer use color coding to distinguish between departments? Are patterned scrubs allowed? You don’t want to run out and buy your favorite Mickey Mouse scrubs and then find out your employer only allows solid colors.

Second, compare your laundry schedule and your work schedule.

Some of us only do laundry every other week. Others like to throw in a load every other night. Think realistically about how often you do your laundry and whether or not you care about having freshly washed scrubs every time your work. This will help determine the amount of scrubs you need. Being in the health industry, it is imperative to be clean, both in hygiene and appearance.

Third, look for wear and tear in your scrubs.

How tough are you on your scrubs? You may think you have enough scrubs, but it doesn’t mean it is not time to retire some of those old ones. Try to do a quarterly check on your scrubs to determine which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. Considering most medical professionals are judged by their appearance, stained and tattered scrubs do not come off as professional.

Fourth, take into consideration that climate you live in.

Is it a colder climate state or warmer, or both? Being in St. Louis, MO you can never tell what the weather is going to be for the day, let alone for the night. If you are in a colder climate, look into some of our long-sleeved scrub jackets. We offer those in multiple patterns and neck lines. If you are in a warmer state, you’ll need both short-sleeved and long-sleeved scrubs. If you live in a warm-weather state, you are more likely to get through the winter with the same short-sleeved scrubs that you wear in the summer. However, you may want to layer a tank or long-sleeved t-shirt if it gets a little cool.

Then think about your own personal style.

If your employer allows you to choose the cuts and colors of your scrubs then you have the freedom to express yourself through your work attire. What’s your style? Do you want some with patterns, such as tye dye or paisley scrubs? Or some that are solid? Do you want special holiday scrubs? Think about what colors and patterns will most make you feel comfortable and cheerful at work because unfortunately, being judged on your appearance does in fact happen. Let’s face it though, most medical professionals nowadays love fashion and need to look great; whether it is on the job, casual gathering or going out on the town. And since these scrubs are your constant buddy at work, they must reflect the kind of person you are by merely choosing the best that will naturally complement your personality and style.

YOUnique Scrubs does exactly that! Based out of St. Louis, MO, we offer custom fit scrubs to accommodate any body type or fit. Custom scrubs give you a sense of pride in your uniform, to know it was made specifically for you. Younique Scrubs offer more than pride; it offers comfort as well. No more ill-fitting uniforms that you have to hold your shirt down when your reach for something or hold your pants up because you can’t find a pair of scrubs petite enough for you. With Younique Scrubs, you will have a custom fit that allows you to move and be worry free of your scrubs falling or rising. With a custom pair of Younique Scrubs, your level of professionalism will shine through to your patients. Not only are all of the scrubs at Younique Scrubs custom-fitted, but we have a variety of prints and styles. You are sure to find a pair of scrubs that compliments your personality. Your patients want to trust that their professional is the best of the best, so let Younique Scrubs convey that message for you!

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