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Holiday Scrubs that Bring Cheer and Hope!


What are your plans for this holiday season?

For many, it is a time of joyous celebration and thanks for yet another year of fortune and triumph. Surrounded by the love of friends and family, delicious and wholesome food, and colorful displays of lights across one’s home and town in lieu of the holiday season.

Yet for others, it may continue to be a time of struggle and fighting for their, a friend, or family member’s health and well-being. A time of discontent, loneliness, and perhaps hopelessness due to their inability to be at home for the holidays. Others may face times less grim, but still have to focus on managing their physical health and diet at home with the help of a nursing aide or possibly a short stint in the hospital.

Thankfully, your attitude and image as a nurse or other medical professional can make a huge difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones, and YOUnique Scrubs has the best holiday scrubs to give you a truly approachable and optimistic look just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

Improving Patient Experience with Holiday Themed Scrubs

When nurses and other healthcare professionals not only act, but also dress the part of being a truly positive light in spirit of this joyous winter season, their patients are more likely to have a positive perception as well.

Nursing journals have recognized for some time that an individual’s medical uniform plays a significant role towards how they are perceived by others, particularly among patients. It used to be that contemporary nurses were often portrayed only in a white top, bottoms and shoes, which for many patients instilled feelings of fear and tension rather than someone who is gentle, well-thought-of, experienced, and empathetic. Now in the modern age, medical uniforms have gone from monotone and unapproachable, to choices that are far more colorful, dynamic, and unique to fit the personal expressions of each individual.

Not only this, but medical professionals and patients alike have noted that this 21st-century approach to the medical dress code has become an intense and robust form of nonverbal communication that allows them to connect on an individual level. This is because patients and visitors see cheery and bright-styled holiday scrubs, for example, as a symbol of trust and satisfaction in their care; and the hospital staff who wear them, as more approachable and ready for ideal discussion about their plans for the holiday season. When patients have the ability to essentially live vicariously in their healthcare professional’s shoes, then they are more likely to envision their own holiday experience in a more positive and hopeful light as well. This is especially true for young children in pediatric wards, who no doubt need their expression’s brightened and filled with joy during a time in which they should be at home celebrating with family, dreaming of sugar plums, and eagerly waiting to open presents under the tree.

Likewise, if the medical uniform fits the individual appropriately, then they are more likely to be viewed as someone who is more focused and attentive to their care. They are also seen as more professional if the hospital uniform is both well-maintained and properly cleaned; free from uncanny stains or discoloration, fading, and tears that suggest elements of unprofessionalism and carelessness. This combined with the aforementioned envisionment of a healthy and happy holiday experience, leads to greater patient satisfaction and happiness, which is likely to lead to a faster recovery compared to patients who have otherwise lost a greater sense of hope.

Positive Thinking

In fact, physicians and psychologists for a number of years have continuously found that when patients embody attributes associated with positive thinking, they are more likely to recover or at least last longer through serious illnesses and injuries due to their strengthened sense of spirit and increased optimism. While the majority of such may actually be due to the placebo effect, in which an increased release of dopamine establishes health improvements in a patient, these mind over matter positive outcomes should still be focused upon due to their innate power overall.

So, when you choose to wear stylish and yet affordable holiday print tops and bottoms from YOUnique Scrubs, you are not only making a positive impression upon yourself, you are also facilitating a positive state of mind in your patients that could potentially lead to a faster recovery time without the need for intrusive surgeries or treatments. While of course your holiday scrubs will only play a small part in your patient’s recovery and positivity, they still have the ability to make a big difference in their lives.

Celebrate the Season in Your Holiday Scrubs!

YOUnique Scrubs has the perfect winter themed custom scrubs to help brighten your patients and their family member’s days over the holiday season.

Our long-lasting and yet affordable scrub tops, pants, hats, and custom uniform sets are sure to get you into the holiday spirit! From the classic look of red and/or green to stockings, Christmas trees, and symbols of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah; to wreaths of Holly, adorable holiday animal scrubs, snowmen, angels, and Jingle Bells. YOUnique Scrubs has the unique styles and patterns you’ve been looking for.

If our regular scrub vests, jackets, wrap tops, scrub skirts and pants, and unisex lab coats aren’t enough to keep you warm among the somewhat frigid hospital walls, then check out these same favorite styles in flannel to truly stay warm and cozy in your custom scrubs. No matter what you choose, YOUnique Scrubs are specially designed to fit your personal measurements, whether petite or plus sized, so you are sure to wear comfortable and supportive scrub wear that is never too baggy, too tight, too short, or too long all year around.

Hoping to find something more? Let YOUnique Scrubs know what festive theme you are hoping to wear for the holidays and we will see what we can do to truly help the holidays sparkle for you and your patient. Shop now! Also check out our other year-round holiday themes, from Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more!

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